Here are a couple of very recent images of current project work by Michelle BrownImage



testing, directing, discussing,making, breaking, testing again

Here are some notes about what is going on in the studio at the moment;

Research project proposals;

Urban vegetable growing: design thinking, sustainable systems, fashion, product design and urban living.

Wearable design: liminal environments, personal space and identity

Design and collaboration (1): crowd sourced image content and design processes.

Design for performance: Midsummer Nights Dream – technology, tradition and language.

The Little Espresso Co. Visual identity, brand communication, geography and narrative.

Lighting design: the personal and the domestic – creative process, function vs fashion.

Up-cycling: location, materials and inherent solutions. Site specificity, narrative, contexts and product design.

Design and social change – MR Big. Language, narrative, contexts and urban environment.

Design Collaboration (2). Font Family/Font Community: Language and identity, crowd sourcing and community participation.

Design and understanding: user centered design and user perceptions – the room for (mis)interpretation.

Yesterday Principal¬†Lecturer Gyles Lingwood visited the studio to discuss Ideas and creativity; a big subject explored deftly and wittily (and with just a little bit of whimsy and some pondering…). Gyles discussed everything from the precision of research to the need to feed your creativity with life experiences, ¬†supplemented by the need to actively look out of the window and chew a pencil (pre-chewed ones are available on Amazon – worryingly!)