Here are some notes about what is going on in the studio at the moment;

Research project proposals;

Urban vegetable growing: design thinking, sustainable systems, fashion, product design and urban living.

Wearable design: liminal environments, personal space and identity

Design and collaboration (1): crowd sourced image content and design processes.

Design for performance: Midsummer Nights Dream – technology, tradition and language.

The Little Espresso Co. Visual identity, brand communication, geography and narrative.

Lighting design: the personal and the domestic – creative process, function vs fashion.

Up-cycling: location, materials and inherent solutions. Site specificity, narrative, contexts and product design.

Design and social change – MR Big. Language, narrative, contexts and urban environment.

Design Collaboration (2). Font Family/Font Community: Language and identity, crowd sourcing and community participation.

Design and understanding: user centered design and user perceptions – the room for (mis)interpretation.


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Current MA_D student Justin Tagg spent the summer set building, collaborating, art directing, tea making and directing his crowd source funded film Mouse X which forms the primary focus for his MA study on the programme. It is currently being edited and will be released very soon…

Here are some of the images from the shoot.

This year we had an opportunity we could not ignore (not that ignore any opportunity that comes our way!). The Lincolnshire Co-operative and their agents Banks, Long and Co offered us a couple of empty shops right in the heart of the market area as potential exhibition spaces. This was a really nice way of getting our design work out to the ‘real public’ – not just fellow designers, academics and creatives.

Firstly, we had to transform an empty shop into a viable multi-disciplinary exhibition space. Secondly, we had to work alongside MA Fine Art, MA Conservation of Historic Objects, MRes and PhD students in creating a vibrant, coherent and well designed group show. The Vitrine Exhibition became the conceptual link between the disciplines – enabling the public to look in on what we do, but also to discuss the work with those who created it.

So, we started by doing a spot of tidying up…