Studio Culture

testing, directing, discussing,making, breaking, testing again


Here are some notes about what is going on in the studio at the moment;

Research project proposals;

Urban vegetable growing: design thinking, sustainable systems, fashion, product design and urban living.

Wearable design: liminal environments, personal space and identity

Design and collaboration (1): crowd sourced image content and design processes.

Design for performance: Midsummer Nights Dream – technology, tradition and language.

The Little Espresso Co. Visual identity, brand communication, geography and narrative.

Lighting design: the personal and the domestic – creative process, function vs fashion.

Up-cycling: location, materials and inherent solutions. Site specificity, narrative, contexts and product design.

Design and social change – MR Big. Language, narrative, contexts and urban environment.

Design Collaboration (2). Font Family/Font Community: Language and identity, crowd sourcing and community participation.

Design and understanding: user centered design and user perceptions – the room for (mis)interpretation.

Yesterday Principal¬†Lecturer Gyles Lingwood visited the studio to discuss Ideas and creativity; a big subject explored deftly and wittily (and with just a little bit of whimsy and some pondering…). Gyles discussed everything from the precision of research to the need to feed your creativity with life experiences, ¬†supplemented by the need to actively look out of the window and chew a pencil (pre-chewed ones are available on Amazon – worryingly!)